Chocolate Lava Pie

This Saturday March 14th, scientists and mathematicians around the world will celebrate Pi Day. International Pi Day, honours one of the world’s most recognizable mathematical symbols, 3.14 and is traditionally celebrated on March 14 at 1:59 pm….Blah, blah, blah, it’s also an excuse to eat pie!

And boy oh boy do I have a pie recipe for you! How ‘bout you eat THIS at 1:59pm instead. 



This Chocolate Lava Pie recipe from “The Chew’s” Carla Hall is one of THE most exceptional pies I have ever made or eaten. I couldn’t stop photographing it or eating it. Did I mention that I was also eating it while photographing it? Then I ate some more after photographing it….


If you’ve ever had a chocolate lava cake the concept here is similar. When you slice into it you should have silky smooth chocolate oozing out of the pie ready to devour. I just got goosies (goosebumps) recalling how I felt when I sliced into it….


If the chocolate is the star of this show, then the award for best supporting actor in a pie goes to…..caramel! My go to easy peasy caramel recipe is courtesy of Averie Cooks. Add the salt or don’t, totally up to you and the flavor you’re seeking. My recco would be to add the salt. 


When melting the chocolate on the stove, although you’ll want to crank up the heat; don’t – or else you’ll end up with burnt chocolate and you will shed tears for wasting good chocolate. Let it melt slowly and maybe lick the spoon a few times as you wait…okay bad idea don’t do that, just be patient and enjoy the aroma. 


You could make your own pie crust, but time is precious, especially during the weekend, so save yourself the trouble and buy a store bought crust instead. That way you can dig into this much quicker!

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