Why You Need to Detox FROM Your Diet, 31 Prompts to Get You Started

Happy New Year (2)

You’ve popped that champagne, threw some confetti around and vowed to do better next year. Maybe your resolution included buying a house, landing a better paying job or of course losing weight.

If you want to lose weight, you need to let go of the idea of dieting once and for all.

Yes, I said it.

Completely eliminating your favourite foods doesn’t work and makes no sense. Why would you want to torture yourself like that? (for more info you can check out my FREE email course)

What would you say if I challenged you to detox FROM your diet FOR GOOD?!

Are you ready for the new healthy? Are you ready to detox FROM your diet for good?

Then join me for the month of January on Instagram as I share with you each day powerful foods that have been proven to aid in weight loss and weight management. A way of living that if followed every day will end dieting for good.

I should know. 3 years ago I lost over 20 pounds and have managed to keep it off since while still eating all the foods that I enjoy.

Now dust your shoulders off and let’s do this!

Here’s how it will go down. Save the picture below to your phone or tablet and share it on Instagram with #ELPDietDetox so we can all participate together and encourage each other. Everyday post something related to the theme making sure to use the hashtag #ELPdietdetox.

Let’s bring healthy back in 2016!

PHOTO A DAY January Diet Detox

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