5 Awesome Ways to Eat Healthier This Summer

Well, summer is officially in full swing! BBQs and pool parties are popping up everywhere. If you’re trying to maintain or lose weight, the summer can be a challenging time to stick with your goals. Try these five tips to help keep you on track!


1.   Don’t Give Up Your Favorite Foods

Good grief, everyone these days is starving themselves! Instead, I want you to find healthier substitutes of healthier foods. If you love General Tao chicken jump on Pinterest and look for a healthier recipe. Have sweet potato fries instead of regular fries. Also don’t completely deprive yourself. Even if you’re currently on a diet. When I was trying to lose weight, I had a sweet tooth so I would allow myself one square of dark chocolate (which is also excellent for weight loss by the way). If you’re hitting up a BBQ fill half your plate with grilled veggies then chose a lean protein like grilled chicken or fish


2.   Watch Those Portions

Your side salad (i.e. macaroni or potato salad etc.) should be about the size of a baseball. Stick to only ONE of those salads, not 3. Your meat (i.e. chicken, steak, fish etc.) should be about the size of your smartphone – I’m talking iPhone 5 here not an iPad – but nice try 😉 Try to ensure that the meat is as lean as possible. The size of your thumb is your dressing amount.


3.  Bulk Up

Eat foods with fibre and protein that are going to make you feel full for a longer period of time. Here’s a trick, eat an apple about 30 mins before your meal and you’ll eat less. Why because apples contain a fibre called pectin that’s going to make you feel full for a longer period of time. At a BBQ go for a grilled chicken breast which is good source of protein. Actually, before I go to a summer party, I sometimes make a smoothie and that way I’m not feeling famished by the time I get there, and I feel more in control of my food choices. Boooyah!!


4.  Bring a Crafty Contribution

If you’re going to a potluck or BBQ, bring something healthy. Not only will this help out the host, but at least that way you’ll have one food at the party that you can turn to.


5.  Stay hydrated

Steer clear of coolers and sugary drinks. Some of those coolers can have from 300 calories or more and have loads of sugar which contribute to weight gain. Instead, if you still want to enjoy alcohol go for club soda and vodka instead with a squeeze of lime. I like to stay hydrated with club soda and a squeeze of lime.

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