5 Flat Belly Foods to Eat Before You Hit the Beach

You’ve picked out your two piece, your sandal game is tight and you have the perfect little beach bag to match. Then comes the moment of truth.

The moment when you slip into your suit.

S**t, you’re bloated, BIG time.

You don’t remember swallowing a balloon for breakfast, but there it is lurking within for all to see.

This is NOT what you pictured for your fun filled day at the beach.

Here are a few of the culprits that lead to bloating:

Sodium, carbonated drinks and carbs. Let’s look into these 3 buzz kills in a bit more detail and foods that you can eat to reduce the bloat.

Sodium – Steer clear of foods high in sodium before you hit the beach like processed foods, bacon, cold cuts and salty foods

Carbonated drinks – all of those bubble in your glass will become a big ol bubble in your belly. Sorry had to give it to ya straight but these drinks will lead to gas and bloating. Reach for a tall cool glass of water instead.

Carbs – Now this may shock you and this is the ONLY time I’ll say don’t eat greens but ruffage like broccoli, kale and cabbage can lead to bloating due to a complex sugar called raffinose. Load up on your veg after you take a dip!

Now if you find yourself face to face with the bloat in the mirror eat these 5 foods to deflate real quick:

rids your body of excess water that can lead to bloatingGrapefruit: Rids your body of excess water that can lead to bloating








This avocado soup is light, refreshing and full of flavour thanks to the cucumber and basil. It makes a great starter dish to a meal if you happen to be entertaining.Avocado: Is high in potassium which helps to rid your body of excess water. Potassium can also help your body balance excess sodium (Bonus! Bananas are also great for this reason!)





Rosemary: is known to minimize gas and aid digestion. Check out this Rosemary Rhubarb Spritzer!








Grilled Watermelon SaladWatermelon: Is packed with water which helps to flush sodium from your body







Green tea: Aids in digestion and speeds up your metabolism






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