The 5 Top Protein Rich Foods to Boost Your Metabolism & Accelerate Weight Loss

Are you getting enough protein?

If not you could seriously sabotaging your weight loss efforts.

Protein is essential to boost your metabolism and to accelerate weight loss.

Are you getting enough protein? If not you could seriously sabotaging your weight loss efforts. Protein is essential to boost your metabolism and to accelerate weight loss.


Women should aim to get around 46 grams a day; men should aim for 56. If you really want to supercharge your metabolism it’s recommended that about 25 – 45 percent of your daily calories should come from protein.

Since protein is a type of macro nutrient that is hard for the body to break down, it’s going to require a lot of calories to do so which makes eating protein excellent for burning calories and boosting your metabolism. This is one of the reasons why high-protein diets are so effective for fat loss.

Protein is also essential in ensuring that your weight you’re carrying is muscle and not fat. Pennington Biomedical Research Center did a study where they put 16 healthy adults on a high-calorie diets with different amounts of protein (5%, 15%, and 25%) for eight weeks. All of the participants in the study consumed 40 percent more calories than they needed to maintain their weight. All of the participants gained similar amounts of weight but with one huge exception.

The participants who followed the normal and high protein diets (15 and 25%, respectively) stored 45% of the excess calories as muscle, while those on the low-protein diet (5%) stored 95% of the excess calories AS FAT!

Protein has a huge impact on your body fat percentage and increasing muscle mass can definitely boost your metabolism.

It’s easier for your body to keep its metabolism revved up when consuming more protein. Contrary to popular belief there are many other sources of protein other than meat, and even my favorite, beans.

Here are 5 of the top high protein foods to boost your metabolism:


1. Raw Cacao Powder

Double Chocolate Avocado Cookies

I love adding raw cocoa powder to my morning smoothies not only for the delicious flavour but all of the nutrients raw cacao provides. Raw cacao powder is high in antioxidants in addition to protein, magnesium and fiber. It’s also a great source of manganese which aids your body in building muscle which will help your body to burn more fat. Like you really need an excuse to eat chocolate??

Why not check out these Double Chocolate Avocado Cookies the next time you’re craving a snack?

2 grams of protein per serving


2. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are a go to for vegetarians and vegans who are looking for more protein. Portabellos offer a nice meaty texture and make a great substitute for traditional burgers. Mushrooms are also high in selenium which helps your muscles to function.

3-4 grams of protein per serving


3. Falafel

Fiber and protein are two macronutrients that are important for blood sugar stabilization and boosting your metabolism. Chickpeas, the main component of falafel has both. Recent research has shown that chickpeas can control appetite and can lower your cravings for processed foods.

Want an easy tasty Falafel recipe? Check this out.

14 grams of protein per cup


4. Oatmeal

The best way to start your day with protein is with oatmeal. Like chickpeas oatmeal has both fiber and protein to keep you full.   Go for whole grain oatmeal rather than processed quick oats. Whole grain oats like steel cut, makes your body work harder to break it down. The extra work your body does to break down steel cut oats increases and boosts your metabolism, while keeping you feeling fuller and more satisfied for hours.

Why not start your day with this Magic Maca Bowl recipe?

7 grams of protein per cup


5. Spirulina

Spirulina – is blue-green algae derived from the big blue sea and some freshwater lakes, and is about 60-70% of metabolism boosting protein.  It’s high in a wide array of vitamins (A, K, and B-12) iron, magnesium, all essential for great skin. It’s best when added to smoothies.

A tablespoon will also give you half a day’s worth of vitamin B12 which is a difficult nutrient to get in your diet other than meat sources.

8 grams per tablespoon

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