7 Habits of Super Healthy People



With so much health information available today, navigating the world of healthy eating can be difficult and overwhelming.


Paleo, vegan, plant-based, keto, raw, fasting…it’s enough to make you want to throw up your hands, shut the curtains and plop on the couch to watch another episode of Grey’s Anatomy.


It’s increasingly difficult for anyone to know what’s actually healthy anymore and to achieve their healthy eating goals in such a noisy world.


Four years ago I lost 30 lbs. Before I lost the weight I felt overwhelmed, working well over 40 hours a week and I was frustrated. I was feeling out of control and wasn’t sure how I was going to dig myself out. Since I was so busy with work, going to school part-time, volunteering and single handedly planning my wedding I was eating out a lot and also eating a lot of packaged food.


I had zero time to throw a meal together let alone a healthy one! There were also areas of my life other than food that I was neglecting that caused me to hang on to the weight.


I was feeling dissatisfied and deprived in so many areas of my life and knew that I needed to rescue myself from myself.


So – I poured over countless research studies.
I studied experts from the most respected scientific organizations around the world from the University of California to the Institute for the Psychology of Eating to the Journal of the American Medical Association, to Harvard University and more.


I started to implement the strategies I had discovered on myself….


The result?


A 30 lb weight loss! That I’ve kept off for four years!


I also later discovered that the key was creating healthier habits. Habits that would heal various areas of my life and that would leave me feeling unbreakable.


I’m frequently asked how I was able to lose the weight and successfully keep it off for several years. My answer is simple: creating healthy habits.


I’m excited and slightly terrified to announce my new upcoming book – Unbreakable: 7 Rock Solid Habits to Your Perfect Weight and a Healthier Lifestyle: NO WILLPOWER REQUIRED!

You can learn more here.

How great would it be to kick your unhealthy eating habits to the curb, banish overeating and have a brand new healthy lifestyle that leaves you feeling motivated and inspired to transform other areas of your life?


If you’ve ever struggled with food, diets or your weight then Unbreakable is your guidebook for life. Imagine if you could find yourself eating and living healthier effortlessly, without the struggle and without obsessing over every little thing you pop into your mouth.


The key to losing weight, increasing energy, getting better sleep and managing stress is understanding how habits work. Using this book you will be able to implement new habits into your life immediately. You’ll learn strategies for dealing with temptation without having to rely on willpower. This book is a definitive source for building habits that stick.


In Unbreakable, for the first time I reveal the 7 most effective habits for achieving long-term weight management and health. These are the same habits that helped me to lose 30 lbs and keep it off.



There are a lot of foods out there that have a health halo but are actually some of the worst foods for you. Learn what the healthiest people in the world eat and how to get into the habit of choosing foods that will help increase your energy so you can feel sexy and confident!



Sugar and heroin hit the SAME receptors in the brain! Discover how to beat a sugar addiction and a POWERFUL little known method for breaking a sugar habit.



Starting small with mini habits is the most essential step in creating healthy eating habits and making them stick. By starting small and understanding the process that your brain uses to convert actions into habits, you will have the power to create any habit you want and eat healthy on autopilot.



Think your lack of willpower is the reason why you can eat healthy and break your bad habits? Wrong! The good news? There’s an easier way. Environment is the most explosive trigger of mindless bad habits. Learn the habit of setting up your environment for success and how to develop belief in yourself to reach your goals.



Sleep is as critical to your life as food and water and it’s time to put some respect on sleep! Learn cutting-edge tips from sleep experts on how to develop a healthy sleep habit and simple tips and foods to improve your sleep.



Yes, you have a lot on your plate, many balls to juggle and don’t have enough time to think about this self-care stuff. Learn about the importance of building a self-care habit with tips and activities that will make your mind, body and spirit a priority. You’ll also learn to ditch your inner skinny b**ch and uncover the emotional obstacles that are standing in the way of you losing weight and eating healthier.



We now live in a society where there are so many demands on our time. Stress plays a big part in your overall health and most importantly your ability to lose weight, avoid disease and live a healthier lifestyle. Learn how to build a stress management habit, the effects of stress on your body and the key nutrients that help your body to resist stress.


Most health advice requires relying on willpower and self-control. Relying on willpower is physically and emotionally draining. I want to help you increase your energy not deplete it.


With straightforward and easy to apply tips, Unbreakable will teach you rock solid habits to make real, lasting change in your life without deprivation and relying on willpower.


Writing a book taught me SO much about myself. Many times I had to push through self doubt, my insecurities and fatigue. I questioned myself many times along the way. Who am to write a book? Who will actually listen?


When I was losing weight I had so sift through SO much BS to find out what actually worked. Once I found out what did, I’ve made it my life’s mission to share my knowledge and help others.


I’ve been able to get to a place where my healthier lifestyle is now on autopilot. That is what I want for YOU. Do I still struggle sometimes? Of course. However I now have a guide or a compass that I can use so that I don’t fall too far off track.


I wrote Unbreakable to help guide you along your healthier living journey. To provide you with some clarity on roadblocks that you may have experienced with creating healthier eating habits and also a roadmap for getting you back on track.


I wrote this book because I wanted to help people just like YOU regain power over their health and wanted to provide proven strategies to make lasting changes in your life.

Focusing on your HABITS is the missing link to make healthy eating easier….not yet ANOTHER DIET.

When you build your health goals around habits your healthy lifestyle seems to flow and be on autopilot….

In the FREE Healthy Like a Boss mini course you’ll learn how to create healthy habits in just 5 minutes a day!








Want to know which healthy foods to stock in your kitchen at all times?


Learn how to stock your kitchen for healthy eating success!

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