The Truth About Habits + 3 Takeaways from My Book To Build Habits that Stick


The Truth about Habits and Willpower



Eating and living healthy is more confusing than ever. One day scientists say wine will help you to live longer, the next day a different study shows that it speeds up aging. I’m not sure what the recent studies say about wine, but I doubt it will make me shy away from my weekly glass 🙂

In fact one of the habits, I cover in my new book is how to develop a self-care habit and how to make yourself a priority. There are many ways that I practice this habit – a glass of my favourite organic wine while I watch one of my fav TV shows is one of them.

In my book I cover the 7 most effective habits for long term weight management and health. Grab your copy here so you can learn to eat healthier without the struggle. I studied some of top experts in habit formation, weight loss, sleep, stress, and willpower. These also happen to be the same 7 habits that were key in helping me to lose 30 lbs and keep it off. My primary goal with Unbreakable was to teach you rock solid habits to make real, lasting change in your life without deprivation and relying on willpower.


So what is a habit?

Habits are practices that you engage in on a regular basis.

Habits help us to coast on autopilot through the day, eliminating the need to think about each and every little step that you take to put the coffee machine on, put your car in reverse to back out the driveway and other more complex routines.


Why habits?

So you may be wondering why habits and what’s the big deal with habits. I’ll keep it brief because I know you’re busy.

Habits eliminate the need for willpower and self-control. This is why habits are so crucial and why I wrote Unbreakable. Habits help us to conserve brain power and self-control. Yes, it takes self-control to establish the habit, but once that habit is in place you’re good to go. Kinda like when you set up your DVR to record your favorite show each week.  

Bottom line: Habits make change easier by freeing you from decision-making and exerting self-control.


Your life today is the sum of your habits. Click To Tweet


Stressed? It comes down to your habits and how you manage stress.

Overweight? Again, your habits determine the behaviours that are preventing you from losing weight.

Unhappy with where you are in life? Yup, habits come into play here too. Maybe you have a habit of playing small in your life or a habit of not showing yourself enough love and appreciation for the amazing person that you are.

You are what you repeatedly do whether these things hurt you or help you and these things play a role in the person that you are.

However, with some effort and simple mind shifts you can develop the right habits to achieve anything you want.


3 Key Takeaways from My Book about Building Habits That Stick


1. Understand the Habit loop and How to Make it Work for You

In Unbreakable I talk about the habit loop. Once you understand what the loop is and how it works, you’ll be able to break any bad habit that you want.

When conducting research on habit formation for the book, I learned of The Habit Loop from the best-selling book The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. In The Power of Habit, Duhigg calls the habit-forming process the Habit Loop.

The loop consists of:
The cue – aka the trigger; the thing that triggers the habit, tells your brain it’s time to go into automatic mode and which habit to use.
The routine – exactly what it sounds like, the routine is the behavior itself or the action you take.
The reward – the benefit that you gain from the behavior and the thing that makes you want to repeat the habit [your why, the thing that motivates you to do the behavior].

Most people obsess over breaking bad habits when the focus should be on replacing bad habits. In Unbreakable I share with you how to tap into this powerful tactic to eat healthy more easily and more consistently.


2. The Common Mistakes Most People Make When Trying to Eat Healthier (and how to avoid them)

Cleanses, juices, pills – everyone is looking for the silver bullet.

The silver bullet is…drumroll….


Dream big but start small. Small things done consistently every day over time will help you to achieve your goal.

Too often we become obsessed with overnight success and achieving results quickly. When I was losing weight, I was so focused on the big number – 20 lbs – and how I could achieve it as fast as possible.

It’s only when I broke down my weight loss into small daily actions that the weight started to fall off. I actually ended up losing 30 which was 10 lbs more than my goal! This is why I am SO passionate about helping people to create healthy habits. They just make things easier, and ‘aint nobody got tiiiiime for the struggle.

We get so caught up in quick results not realizing that the process, routines and habits towards achieving those goals are more important. Let me ask you this for those of you that are married. When you met your spouse did you decide to get married the day after you met? No – you went on a few dates, you met each other’s parents, you figured out what made that person tick. It was a process, a journey. Think of habits the same way.

I’m guilty of this myself. When I started to write this book, I thought I would write it in a few months, I was so focused on completing the book. I also allowed some of my habits like exercise, and stress management and sleep to fall by the wayside because I was so busy. However, it was easy to catch myself before I went too far down the wrong path because the habits, I’ve developed were ingrained in me, so it was easier to get back on track.

Yes, there will be days where you veer off course when it comes to losing weight or eating healthier but if you’ve developed a good foundation with habits, it will make it a whole lot easier to course correct.


3. How to Overcome a Lack of Motivation and Willpower


Willpower isn’t just a skill; it’s a muscle, like the muscles in your arms or legs, and it gets tired as it works harder, so there’s less power left over for other things. ~ The Power of Habit Click To Tweet


Willpower drains our brain – straight up. Burning precious brain cells to stop yourself from eating that white chocolate macadamia nut cookie or Haagen-Dazs Caramel Cone Explosion [both of my personal vices by the way!] will burn YOU out as well.  Willpower is like a muscle that can get fatigued from overuse. Constantly drawing on willpower to resist your favourite treats has been proven to drain your self-control when faced with future similar situations. This is why developing healthy habits is key because it removes the constant struggle and battle with your cravings.

So, how can you resist that brownie when faced with temptation? That’s what Unbreakable will help you to unlock. Scientists have made some very compelling discoveries about the ways willpower, self-control, and habits work and in the book I share how to make change easier.

You can grab your copy here. I’m also throwing in a FREE 7 day meal plan as a bonus to help you put your healthy habits into practice.



Ready to build rock solid habits to make lasting change in your life without deprivation and relying on willpower? Now’s the time.

Ready to remove the struggle and make healthy eating easier?


I wrote Unbreakable to guide you along your healthy living journey and provide you with some clarity on roadblocks that you may have experienced with creating healthier eating and living habits. The book is also a roadmap for getting you back on track. I wrote this book because I wanted to help people just like YOU regain power over their health with proven strategies to make lasting changes in your life.


Are you ready to be Unbreakable?

If so click here to discover how eating and living healthy in the midst of your busy schedule can be easier.


Ready to remove the struggle and make healthy eating easier?


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