#4: How To Lose Weight Without Diet or Exercise

When I was losing weight, I wanted to make sure that I lost it in a way that was easier, sustainable and not have the weight come back on. 

That’s why I wanted to share some of my best tips with you on how to lose weight without diet or exercise so it doesn’t feel like torture. 

Here’s a look at what we’ll discuss in this episode:

[5:47] The Mediterranean diet group was instructed to eat small amounts of red meat, moderate amounts of chicken and fish, and fresh vegetables, legumes and nuts. The low carb group on the hand was only instructed to limit total fat intake to 30% of daily calories with no more than 10% saturated fat and less than 300mg.per day of cholesterol. 

[8:48] I later discovered that the key was creating healthier habits. Creating healthier habits allowed me to lose 30lbs. which I’ve kept off for 6 years. 

[9:01] It made it easier not just to lose the weight but to keep it off. Developing healthy habits is the best way to eat healthy more consistently and to make any changes stick. 

[9:22] Habits can help eliminate the need for exercising self-control and relying on will power.

[15:00] I’m talking about foods that will help detoxify your body naturally, each and every day. Flushing your body and those toxins with high-fibered foods and lots of greens in addition to drinking warm water with lemon or apple cider vinegar in the morning could help detoxify your body naturally.

[15:39] Detoxing may even include detoxing from friends or people in your life that are making you feel less, or stressing you out.

[16:09] Start by decreasing proximity so you can increase your proximity to those who match your future. Surround yourself with those who match your future, not your history.

[16:53] Stress plays a big part in your overall health and most importantly your ability to lose weight, avoid disease and live a healthier lifestyle. 

[17:32] Some studies show that 75% of overeating is caused by emotions.

[20:39] Being stressed will make it a lot harder for you to lose weight.

[21:07] Be on the lookout for poor digestive symptoms like constipation, bloating, gas, acid-reflux or nausea.  Poor digestion means that your body may not be able to effectively extract nutrients from the foods that you’re eating, which can interfere with weight loss.

[22:25] These days our sympathetic nervous system is also what dominates when we’re busy or stressed which is why digestion so often also takes a back seat. The parasympathetic nervous system, on the other hand, is our rest and digest system. It’s the mode you want to be in before, during and after eating to allow for optimal digestion.



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