#5: How to Optimize Your Gut For Weight Loss - Trudy Stone

#5: How to Optimize Your Gut For Weight Loss

Optimal gut health has become a hot topic these days but is it all hype?

In this episode we’ll dive into 3 ways your gut bacteria affects your weight and some of the best foods to promote healthy gut bacteria as well as some of the worst which will help to assist you with  your weight loss efforts.

You’ve probably heard about taking care of your gut health for some time now. Let me help you understand why and how this could help out with weight loss too and your overall health.

We’ll dive into some quick scientific concepts and also share with you how you can apply them to your daily food consumption. You’ll be surprised how some of your favorite food sources might actually be helping feed good gut bacteria.

Here’s a sneak peak of what’s in this episode:

[1:04] Having a lot of bad bugs hanging in your gut has been linked to many problems including diabetes, depression, cancer, heart disease, fibromyalgia, eczema, asthma, and obesity.

[1:48] Your gut sends messages to your brain and your brain sends messages to your gut.

[2:05] Researchers are finding that alterations in the gut microbes can actually influence the risk of brain disorders such as anxiety, depression, autism, and even dementia.

[5:01]  A study in 292 people found that those who were overweight had lower gut bacteria diversity and higher levels of C-Reactive Protein and inflammatory marker on the blood.

[10:23] Your gut bacteria can produce chemicals that can help you make you feel full. And by affecting your appetite, gut bacteria may play a role in your weight.

[11:25] A diet high in sugar can stimulate the growth in unhealthy bacteria in the gut which may contribute to weight gain and other chronic health disorders.

[11:55] Lack of sleep and chronic stress both contribute to gut imbalance.

[12:35] Fruits and vegetables contain many different fibers that are good for gut bacteria. Eating an assortment of plant-based food can improve gut bacteria diversity which is linked to a healthy weight.

[12:52] Nuts and seeds contain a lot of fiber and healthy fat which helps support the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut.

[13:28] The polyphenols in food like red wine, green tea, and dark chocolate can’t be digested alone but broken down by beneficial gut bacteria which promotes the growth of good bacteria.

[13:40] Probiotics may help restore healthy gut bacteria after an illness or a course of antibiotics and may even aid weight loss.

[14:45] Another study reported a milk drink containing a probiotic called lactobacillus for three weeks improved mood in people who had the lowest mood before the treatment.

[15:09] Prebiotics don’t break down on the small intestine, instead, they reach the colon where they feed your healthy gut bacteria.

[16:00] Beyond the numerous benefits like reducing inflammation which we know is key for weight loss, studies have found that Omega 3 Fatty Acids can support healthy gut flora.



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Discover 3 ways your gut bacteria affects your weight and some of the best foods to promote healthy gut bacteria as well as some of the worst which will help to assist you with  your weight loss efforts.