#7: Quarantine 15: How to Avoid Weight Gain During COVID-19 - Trudy Stone

#7: Quarantine 15: How to Avoid Weight Gain During COVID-19

Have you been thinking of grabbing another snack for the day? I know how you feel when you have that urge to sneak some ice cream! 

This is something I’ve been asked about a lot. How do we avoid weight gain during the self-isolation and social distancing period?

My mantra throughout this is that I plan on coming out of this stronger than I was when it started and I want to encourage you to think this way also because you’ll feel more empowered.

If you follow through successfully, you can actually lose weight during isolation than gain it.

Here’s a look at what we’ll discuss in this episode:

You’ve probably heard about taking care of your gut health for some time now. Let me help you understand why and how this could help out with weight loss too and your overall health.

[2:34] The worst part is that no one knows when this is finally going to be over. We also feel a little out of control with the loss of routine.

[3:03] Starting your day right includes doing two things.

[3:32] A routine can really help you keep motivated, determined, and dedicated.

[3:48] Doing something first thing in the morning that gives back to you, can help you to keep calm and deal with all the upheaval.

[4:38] Breakfast will help to keep your blood sugar balanced and which will give you all the energy you need to tackle all the things you need to do throughout the day.

[5:49] I’ve seen many people who skipped breakfast tend to grab unhealthy snacks come mid-morning

[7:29] Make sure you get into the habit of eating foods that support both your immune system and weight loss goals.

[7:50] It’s going to make healthy eating and healthy living a lot easier.

[8:23] Make and enjoy lunch at the same time each day.

 [8:41] Keeping this commitment of making yourself a healthy lunch every single day, may help to enhance your overall sense of being.

[9:06] I knew nothing about lentils before I started to lose weight. But once I discovered them, I was hooked.

[9:52] Eating those helps to keep your metabolism revved up which is really important during this time when you’re not moving so much.

[11:10] The key is balance. And letting yourself off the hook.

[11:20] By telling yourself that you can’t or shouldn’t eat a particular food, you can fall into deprivation, craving, bingeing through a cycle, which is followed by guilt.

[13:16] Be mindful of your portion sizes. This is the downfall of a lot of people.

[15:55] Eat until you’re no longer hungry, instead of eating until you’re no longer full.

 [16:00] It takes some time between 15-20 meals to reset the muscle memory of your stomach to eat less food.

[16:33] It’s also known as mindful eating. Practice paying attention to what you eat without distractions.

[17:01] Mindfulness can also help you distinguish between physical hunger and emotional hunger.

[19:33] Exercise is also what’s known as a keystone habit. A keystone habit are those habits that once you do it, it makes all those other healthy habits fall into place more easily.

[21:16] Love and connection – the need to feel closeness or connect with other human beings is defined as a need of the personality. Contribution is the need to provide service, the need to care, help, and give to others.

[21:49] Do something for your mind and body each day. There’s no division on how we think and how our body performs.

[22:51] Take the time each day during isolation to do something for your mind and body.

[26:02] Take this opportunity in isolation to do an inventory of your thoughts.

[26:53] Take some time to celebrate every day to embrace the positive parts of your self


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