#8: Why You’ve Failed at Dieting and What to Do Instead - Trudy Stone

#8: Why You’ve Failed at Dieting and What to Do Instead

So I’m going to say something crazy right off the bat and that is that you should be excited about your failures.

Because it really doesn’t matter how many times you’ve failed at dieting and eating healthy before and each time you failed has brought you closer to your success.

Even if it doesn’t feel that way right now.

Think about this for a moment – each time that you failed at a diet you probably learned something new about yourself right? Okay so if you learned something new then how could you be a failure?

In this episode we’re going to get into why you’ve failed at dieting and what to do instead.

Here’s a look at what we’ll discuss in this episode:

I’m sure you’re just like me who’s been through numerous diet attempts but end up being a “failure” at it. Trust me, it took years to finally get myself into sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

A number of us have failed in our diets and seem to be discouraged about our efforts. But it’s not exactly the food that’s weighing us down initially, it’s the negative self-talk. 

Negative self-talk is the inner voice in your mind that repeats a subtle yet demeaning running commentary. “Neurons that fire together, wire together.”  

I’ll guide you through on how to become successful in losing weight and maintaining it. Turn your thoughts into a habit and get brain plasticity in action.

[3:40] Life is images of the mind expressed. Without images, there is no expression.

[4:41] I wanted to feel confident in my body and rocking a bikini. It wasn’t about being skinny or being a certain size. It was about being confident and feeling confident.

[5:15]  Understanding why all of your choices with food are built on your identity as an eater. What does your identity say about you? Could your identity be holding you back from your health goals?

[5:36] To change your behaviour, and your health for good, you need to start believing new things about yourself. Your current habits, especially the bad ones, are how you manifest your identity. 

[5:57] The more that you repeat that behaviour, the more you reinforce the personality associated with that behaviour

[6:20] You can change your identity in two steps

[7:45] Start doing even one small thing that will move you into the direction of your goals in becoming that person that you want to be.

[10:11] You’re not paying attention to your negative self-talk. 

[12:01] It will be hard to change your habits if you never change the underlying beliefs that led to your past behaviours. 

[15:15] Why popular diet programs don’t work for lasting weight loss… Very few people experience sustained weight loss with that method. 

[15:55] It’s also equally important to avoid eating too little or starving yourself because that can actually cause you to gain weight. When you cut calories, your body rebels by increasing your hunger and slowing down your metabolism.

[17:39] The kind of calories you consume have a big impact on the weight you gain. Different types of food are metabolized in different ways.

[18:14] What information are you giving your body by the foods that you’re eating?

[18:25] The foods that I ate, and the tactics that I used became a lifestyle. Along the way, I built healthier habits.

[19:14] The best part about the way I lost weight was that I never felt deprived or hungry. I actually enjoyed all the food I was eating.

[19:39] Guilt and stress will do more harm to your body than that chocolate cake ever will

[20:15] Take ownership about that decision you made and just move on. No self-loathing. Don’t think about it for the rest of the day and get paralyzed with guilt.

[20:38] A healthy lifestyle isn’t about beating yourself up when you give in to your favourite food. It’s about finding balance.


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