#11 5 Sneaky Habit Triggers that Derail Your Weight Loss Loss - Trudy Stone

#11 5 Sneaky Habit Triggers that Derail Your Weight Loss Loss

Most of us have lost control of eating at one time or another only to regret it later but why do so many people habitually succumb to food cravings and binge, despite intense feelings of guilt and a desire to lose weight? 

Knowing your triggers is a big part of behavioural change that will help you to lose weight.

In this episode we’ll cover 5 sneaky habit triggers that derail your weight loss:

In this episode we’ll cover 5 sneaky habit triggers that derail your weight loss


Here’s a look at what we’ll discuss in this episode:

[2:01] Knowing your triggers is a big part of behavioural change that will help you to lose weight.

[2:18] This is foundational information to understand how your habit triggers may be working against you and your weight loss efforts.

[2:26] So to change your unhealthy eating habits, you need to understand exactly how habits are formed.

[2:36] You’ll have the power to create any habit you want.

[3:31] The researchers noticed that the mice who had an injured basal ganglia developed problems on how to run through mazes.

[4:50] The basal ganglia was where habits were stored, even while the rest of the brain was turned off. The MIT researchers discovered a neurological or habit loop at the core of every habit. 

[5:02] This loop consists of three parts: a cue, aka trigger, a routine and reward. 

[6:22] Unfortunately, your brain doesn’t recognize a good habit from a bad one. Anything that you do repeatedly, will just get shuffled to that squishy tissue otherwise known as the basal ganglia. 

[6:42] It is still possible to change your habits.

[7:20] There are five common habit triggers that may be tanking your weight loss efforts.

[7:59] The first habit trigger is time. 

[8:22] The next time that craving hits, ask yourself how you’re feeling at that moment. In most cases, your habits are an indication of how you feel at that moment. Whether it’s boredom, stress, anxiety, loneliness.

[8:43] We don’t break bad habits, we replace them.

[8:47] The second habit trigger is location or environment. 

[9:47] Environment or location, is the most explosive trigger of mindless habits.

[9:56] Grabbing a cookie when I sat down to watch my favourite tv show at night was a mindless hab[10:04 ] Your habits and behaviours are simply a response to your environment.

[10:35] Having health-promoting ingredients in an organized kitchen remove will power from the equation and take the stress out of staying on track with your health and wellness goals.

[10:52] If you can see it, you’ll be more likely to eat it. 

[11:23] Put healthy food within reach. 

[12:23] Get rid of the clutter. How guilty are you of having food overflowing on your countertops? 

[13:05] The third habit trigger is people. 

[13:35] If a friend of yours gains weight, then your risk of gaining weight increases by 57%. It’s important to surround yourself with people who either have the habits you want or who also have a desire to improve their habits. 

[13:51] Groups provide two very important things. Accountability and belief.

[14:11] The more positive reinforcement and support you surround yourself with, the easier it will be to make difficult changes and change your habit.

[15:01] The fourth habit trigger is a preceding event. 

[15:25] Habit stacking is one of the most powerful ways to build new habits without relying on will power.

[15:52] Small wins build momentum because they’re easy to remember and complete.

[16:15] This powerful technique not only makes the behaviour memorable but it cements your new habit to an existing trigger.

[18:20] If you want to be good at something or at least be consistent at it like eating healthier, why would you rely on motivation?

[18:33] The trigger for that new habit you’re trying to create is a crucial part of forming new or better eating habits.

[19:29] Ever since I’ve been doing that, I never missed a dose.

[19:40] The habit trigger number five is the emotional state. 

[19:58] Emotional state is a common and dangerous trigger for bad habits.


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