#13 How to Deal with Food Pushers & Summer BBQs

During the summer, food temptations are everywhere! From summer parties to family barbeques – every get-together you attend is overflowing with burgers, chips, beers and rosés. And then there are family and friends who lovingly give you food that isn’t exactly what you should be eating.

 We all know that eating healthy during these times is hard! But it’s possible to survive them without sabotaging your health goals. And hey, remember that if you aren’t successful the first time, you can always try again. 

 In this episode, I’ll be sharing 5 survival tips that will help you stay in control of your health, what goes on your plate and what goes in your mouth. Tips that are easy, achievable and certainly doable to help you stay on track.

Here’s a look at what we’ll discuss in this episode:

  • [03:11] You can refuse any food or drink that is offered to you. When letting them down gently remember that you only have the power to decide what goes in your mouth. The simplest, sweetest and most to the point answer is good old-fashioned “no, thank you!”
  • [03:54] Sprinkling compliments about other things can reaffirm the connections that food brings without you taking in excess calories.
  • [04:33] Emphasize the fact that eating health makes you feel good.
  • [04:52] When someone makes a hurtful or controlling comment, it’s often a reflection of how they feel. Try to offer some reassurance and use it as a moment to teach them how you cope with food guilt. 
  • [06:18]  Don’t give up your favorite food. Instead, find healthier substitutes of some of your favourite unhealthy food.
  • [07:56] Don’t completely deprive yourself, especially if you’re currently on a diet. 
  • [08:17] The benefit of watching your portion sizes is that you start to condition your body to require less food to feel full. Once you figure this out, it will become easier for you. You feel better and more energetic when you don’t over       eat.
  • [12:12] Bring a healthy contribution to your potluck or barbeque. You never know, you might be helping out some else who’s wanting to eat healthy at the party too.


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