#17 The Black Woman And The Stigma Around Fitness with Kym Niles

What stops you from working out?

Maybe it’s one of the reasons that we cover in this episode with fitness expert Kym Niles.

Kym Niles is a vivacious leader, magnetic mentor and a Fitness Expert as seen on City TV News, Cp24, CTV News, Breakfast Television, and Women’s Health Magazine to name a few. Kym takes a holistic approach that connects your mind and body resulting in a wholesome outcome.

In this episode Kym and I had a candid convo about the barriers black women face when it comes to working out. She’ll give tips on how you can change your mindset and how to become the best version of yourself, in mind and body.

Here’s a look at what we’ll discuss in this episode:

  • [6:31] When people think of Martial Arts, they think of fighting right away but they actually teach you how to control yourself, how to diffuse a situation before it gets to the point where you actually have to take physical action.
  • [7:42] There is a meditation factor, more so through Tai Chi, that you practice that piece of centeredness and it really gives you that introspective look at yourself to know that if you’re in front of an opponent, you’re studying them and you’re making the best decision at that time to make sure that you don’t have to explode a situation.
  • [9:16] If you actually present people with their lifestyle and you show them the benefits as to why they need help, why they need the education, then it’s easier for people to digest and it’s also easier for their buy-in.
  • [9:45] Every conversation is a sale.
  • [11:31] A lot of people identify working out with how they look.
  • [15:23] One of the biggest reasons why we don’t work out, one because of how we look   we are blessed. We have a lot of it and a lot of it, basically looking at now, what social media says, “We should have those standards”, things that people are paying for now.
  • [16:03] If we look okay, we don’t think that we need to move but movement begins and ends with the mind and it’s just something that you have to do just to condition yourself.
  • [16:44] Sweating is a good thing. You’re releasing toxins.
  • [17:17] Working out wasn’t so much about the way that I looked so I had to make that disconnect. It was a lot about my mental health and how much better it made me feel and also, it helped me with my food choices as well because when I worked out, I was more likely to eat healthy. 
  • [17:52] You see you every day. You matter and what you think matters.
  • [20:27] People lack education as to what to do. Now I always say obviously, it costs money. But what doesn’t cost money? It’s an investment.
  • [21:20] Education doesn’t have to cost you tons and tons of money but at least seek a professional to have full assessment so that way you know you’re on the right track.
  • [22:12] If you know that you want to work out, if you know that you want to make changes and if you’re not able to do it on your own, if you know that you need that accountability and you need that support, then you need to go find that support. You owe that to yourself.
  • [31:10] The power of choice, it can change your life. It will change your life.
  • [32;42] If you don’t believe that your value is higher, then you’re always going to be setting yourself low and you’re always going to be playing below the line and you will allow people to treat you to how you treat yourself.
  • [34:31] Everything is being done because of what the external eyes can see.
  • [35:19] Whoever you are is showing up anyway.
  • [37:12] Losing weight, 80% of it has to do with what you’re putting in your mouth.
  • [37:41] If you don’t change how you eat and your lifestyle, your environment, your friends who you hang out with that keeps you the way that you are, nothing’s going to change. 
  • [39:45] You eat the way that you think because your thoughts lead to your feelings which lead to your actions. 
  • [40:41] Do what you can with the time that you have.
  • [42:33] When you have a lot of aggression built up, when you have a lot of frustration, you explode and your thoughts are no longer mindful.
  • [43:10] It’s not just about the external, it is so much about the internal.
  • [46:20] If you don’t have certain genetic build-up, you are not naturally going to look like this person that you’re aspiring to be like. You have your own assets though, we just have to work on that.
  • [49:11] Make a small commitment and then build on that commitment. 
  • [49:21] Walking is one of the best exercises just to get you moving and get you healthy and on top of it, very small investment. 
  • [52:08] That’s the thing when we do those small things consistently, it’s like compound interest, it adds up. 
  • [53:53] Your environment is stronger than your will power because your environment is the most explosive figure of your bad habits.
  • [54:16] If your partner doesn’t support you in moving, you’re going to be so less likely to move.
  • [57:20] Food has life so we need to eat those foods that give us life. We need to get that movement going because that’s what’s going to give us life. 
  • [57:49] Fuel for your success. 
  • [58:58] Convenience is a slow death. 
  • [59:34] Before you put anything in your mouth, think about what it’s going to do for you.
  • [1:00:08] With every bite that you take, you’re feeding your health or fueling disease.
  • [1:02:35] People always think that you have to take out fat but healthy fat is good, you need it.
  • [1:03:03] If you have a healthier relationship with food, you’ll have a healthier relationship with yourself.
  • [1:06:00] When you see people moving or doing anything, do not compare your chapter one to their chapter ten.
  • [1:08:05] Comparison really is a thief of joy.
  • [1:11:12] As females, we tend to be a lot more emotional and we need to learn to control that emotion and find that outlet that allows us to simmer.


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