Ep#23: Damaging Weight Loss Excuses
That Stop You From Losing Weight

What’s stopping you from losing weight? I know how easy it is to come up with seemingly valid reasons why it’s not working or why you wouldn’t even bring yourself to start but those excuses might be causing you more damage than good. Listen to learn five damaging excuses that you might be making that stop you from living a healthy lifestyle. Here’s a look at what we’ll discuss in this episode: 
  • [1:51] Cognitive distortions are thoughts that cause you to view reality inaccurately. It’s when your mind bends the facts to keep you in a negative state of mind.
  • [2:41] We come up with all sorts of reasons and excuses for not starting and not sticking to a diet or a healthy eating plan. However, most of your excuses don’t cut it.
  • [3:31] As long as you’re following a healthy balanced eating plan rather than an overly restrictive fat diet, your diet should help to keep you energized and fueled to tackle your busy day successfully.
  • [4:18] I was responsible for the results I wasn’t getting.
  • [4:33] In reality, there is always time for those things that we define as a priority.
  • [5:06] You need to understand the value of investing in yourself.
  • [5:31] Healthy eating can be just as budget-friendly as splurging on junk food if you know what to look out for.
  • [5:56] Having a clear idea of what’s necessary to carry out your weight loss goals will help you stay on track and effectively determine where to allocate your spending.
  • [7:03] Most of us are putting money into things where you won’t get a return for your investment.
  • [9:13] While you may think that giving in to that temptation for a tasty treat or that glass of wine will compensate when you’re feeling overwhelmed, it will most likely only make you feel guilty and bloated. 
  • [9:26] If you know that you’re an emotional eater, it’s important to find a healthy way to deal with your feelings.
  • [9:56] When you give power to that external thing, you become the victim, the victim to your life and health.
  • [10:31] Being responsible means being the cause of your life, not the effect.
  • [10:41] Results get curated when you, and only when you cause them.
  • [11:23] Stop making the same mistakes over and over again so that you can stop wasting time.
  • [11:48] One of the most common and flimsiest excuses around is that diets just don’t work for you. Well, not if you approach them with that attitude.
  • [11:59] Remember, your body hears everything your mind thinks.
  • [12:16] Trying every new fad diet that pops up is unlikely to achieve long-lasting results or leave you feeling great and confident. 
  • [12:29] Adopt a sustainable, healthy approach to eating and make sure to give it a proper go before you assess its effectiveness and give up.
  • [12:59] The Mediterranean diet is often mentioned by scientists as being the most protective against cardiovascular disease, healthier brains, and being helpful for weight loss.
  • [13:22] The Mediterranean diet, just so we’re on the same page here, emphasizes eating primarily plant-based foods.
  • [14:10] The best part about the Mediterranean diet is that it’s not even really a diet in the way that we usually think of diets. It’s more like a life-long way of eating and living.
  • [14:44] Blaming your body shape on genetics is a good way to dismiss all responsibility.
  • [14:58] While your genes can determine where and how easily fat is stored, you are not powerless to shift those pounds.
  • [15:10] There is plenty of scientific evidence showing that overweight and obesity are, for the bitter part, caused by the interaction between behavior and biology.
  • [15:20] Scientists agreed that genetics only play a small role, about 30%, to gain weight. The other 70% is caused by an outside influence, your environment, and how you respond to it.
  • [15:39] Your environment is stronger than your will-power. 
  • [15:54] You must forever be vigilant about your behaviors.
  • [16:09] If you’re going to build a successful weight loss plan, you will have to get real about your mindset.


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