EP 25: Healthy Food Swaps that Actually Taste Good - Trudy Stone

Ep#25: Healthy Food Swaps that Actually Taste Good

Welcome to the Mind Your Body Show this is culinary nutritionist and Mind Body Coach Trudy Stone and I’m so grateful for you tuning into today.

When trying to eat healthier we’re always told that we have to cut out our favourite foods.

When we’re told that we can’t have something, we tend to crave more of it!

As a self professed food addict I’ve had to find a way to satisfy my cravings in a healthier, easy way without sacrificing flavour.

Having some healthy food swaps is key to keeping you happy without feeling like you’re depriving yourself.

These 11 healthy food swaps are easy and give you loads of nutritional benefits.

Having some solid replacements for your bad eating habits is going to make it a lot easier to make those changes stick especially as we try to adjust to new eating habits this Fall.

Here’s a look at what we’ll discuss in this episode:

  • [02:09] When we’re told not to have something, we tend to crave more of it.
  • [02:34] Having some replacements for your bad eating habits will make it a lot easier to make those changes stick.
  • [3:06] All-purpose flour is refined, heavily processed, and bleached.
  • [5:17] Coconut flour is healthier than white flour and a good source of protein and fiber.
  • [6:25] Instead of white sugar or artificial sweeteners, use coconut palm sugar.
  • [07:51] An excess of the blood sugar in the bloodstream is dangerous.
  • [7:55] When your insulin spikes, it makes you crave even more simple carbohydrates and sugary treats.
  • [8:30] If you eat sugar frequently, you owe it to yourself and your family to at least try out some alternatives like coconut palm sugar.
  • [10:00] If there’s one thing I want you to remove from your kitchen, it’s Canola oil.
  • [10:15] These seven deadly oils are all hydrogenated oils that may cause inflammation in the body.
  • [11:05] Virgin coconut oil is rich in disease-fighting phytonutrients.
  • [13:44] For eggs, use chia seeds or ground flax seeds. They are a great source of healthy fats and soluble fiber, which helps in weight loss and management.
  • [16:20] If you frequently experience brain fog or memory problems, you may have a vitamin B12 deficiency.
  • [17:21] Nutritional yeast is also high in folic acid. Adequate levels of folate reduce brain fog and bad moods. Folic acid has been used to treat clinical depression for years.
  • [18:10] Chickpeas are also high in fiber, so it’ll keep you full between meals. They act as a natural appetite suppressant.
  • [19:27] Liva Date Sugar contains one ingredient, whole, round, dehydrated organic dates. You can use it just as you would white or brown sugar, and it’s perfect for your baking or beverage needs.


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