Ep#24: How to Easily Build a Powerful Weight Loss Plan - Trudy Stone

Ep#24: How to Easily Build a Powerful Weight Loss Plan

Welcome to the Mind Your Body Show this is culinary nutritionist and Mind Body Coach Trudy Stone and I’m so grateful for you tuning into today.

“There I go again eating off plan. I’m such an idiot.”

“I can’t get anything right, I’m a loser.”

Have you ever said these things to yourself?

These statements are irrational and don’t serve you because you’re making assumptions about yourself without logical reasoning.

Here’s a look at what we’ll discuss in this episode:

  • [00:38] One of the most common barriers to success for most people is that they don’t know how to work with their minds.
  • [00:48] If you want to create success with your life and health, you have to do things you haven’t done before.
  • [1:53] Your mind will be the best or the worst partner in life you’ll ever have.
  • [2:06] The most powerful potential on the planet comes from your mind.
  • [3:14] Your behavior is going to be affected by your limiting beliefs.
  • [3:52] Effective weight loss programs encourage you to approach weight loss in a refreshing new way using the most sophisticated tool in existence—your brain.
  • [4:40] The typical diet works the same way as typical pharmaceutical drugs. It masks the symptoms but does not correct the cause.
  • [5:42] Understanding how your mind works and applying these mind hacks will enable you to achieve lasting transformational change in your life.
  • [5:59] Your mind does exactly what it thinks you want it to do.
  • [6:10] Your mind is hardwired towards pleasure and away from pain.
  • [6:30] Your mind loves what’s familiar and will always try to fall back on what’s familiar.
  • [7:00] Your mind is always listening to your self-talk.
  • [8:58] You have to link massive pleasure to getting it and then pain to not getting it.
  • [9:13] The whole inner dialogue you have with your brain is conducted by your thoughts, and these thoughts can either be in words or pictures.
  • [10:01] If you want to change the dialogue you’re having with your mind, you have to change the words you use and the mental images you focus on.
  • [10:54] Make a point of noticing negative self-talk, defeated mental images, and turn that around.
  • [11:09] Whatever you tell your mind, it believes. So, say better things.



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