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About Trudy

Brain health isn’t just for old people.

“Of all the organs in your body your brain is the one most easily damaged by a poor diet”

          Dr. Lisa Mosconi, PhD, Associate Director of the Alzheimer’s Prevention Clinic


Hi I’m Trudy and I’m a certified culinary nutritionist, TV guest expert, author and podcast host.

I’m here to help you unlock the power of food to build a strong and vibrant brain and body without guilt or restriction.

Side effects of prioritizing your brain health include: better memory & focus, weight loss, and increased energy.

That’s just to name a few.

The food we feed our brains defines the life we lead. Whether it’s weight loss, freedom from depression or anxiety, less stress or more mental clarity and focus to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges in life.


In fact let me tell you my story.


You see, I know first-hand about the agony of trying to eat healthier, sifting through BS nutrition tips and trying to losing weight.

I self-hacked my mind and body to lose 30lbs and now I’m passionate about helping other women do the same.

Before I lost weight I had to fight through the mental and emotional battlefield of negative thoughts and emotions such as:

I’m inadequate.

I’m worthless.

I’m not good enough.

Here’s the thing.

Losing weight is not just about losing weight.

It’s about who you become and what you believe is possible for yourself.

…and let me say this.

If you’re trying to lose weight, it IS possible for you. 


I talk about this in my book Unbreakable, but food has energy and foods that have energy give you energy. If you want to lose weight and feel vibrant and happy, you need to eat the foods that support this.


It was through the process of the mind body connection that I realized that the secret to losing weight and keeping it off is not only about what you put in your stomach it’s also about what’s going on in your brain.


So what does this mean for you?

You see when you prioritize your mental health your entire body benefits.


Eating for brain health doesn’t just protect you against diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia – it will actually help you to achieve massive results in other areas of your life like increased energy, mental clarity, easing anxiety/depression, improved memory and yes even weight loss.

With that said, I say no to restrictive diets that suck the life and the fun out of eating healthy.

I yes to foods that are fun and indulgent to eat like wine and chocolate – which are both great for brain health by the way [more on that here].

If you feel like you’re in a constant state of overwhelm, or confusion when it comes to knowing what’s actually healthy or perhaps you want to lift the mental fog that has just become the norm for you…let me teach you how to find more clarity, joy and balance with eating healthier than you’ve ever imagined possible.

Take my hand and let me show you the way!

This checklist of the top nutrients to boost your brain power is the best place to start.


Now let’s take control of your brain and your health in the kitchen!


P.S. If you’d like to work together to increase your energy, lift your mental fog or to create healthy habits that stick, you can click here [I graduated with honours from the Academy of Culinary Nutrition so you’re in good hands :)]