Ready to leave the struggle behind when it comes to improving your health?

If you know you need accountability and support with following through on your healthy habits because you can’t do it alone due to lack of willpower, motivation or not being sure where to start –  then let’s talk!

"I have consulted Trudy for her expertise on many occasions. I find that Trudy digs deeper into the benefits and nutritional value of foods than most. She has been able to support her advice with evidence-based research and that has caused me to trust her perspective. The most impactful thing that I have implemented was her personalized advice on how to manage my time to meal plan.
I am happy to say that with Trudy's support I have also lost 25 lbs WITHOUT A DROP of exercise, 3 months AFTER Baby #2! I can fit into the 'Skinny' clothes that had been tucked in a bag in the basement for YEARS, that I had almost given away multiple times, certain that I would no longer be able to fit in them no matter what!
The principles Trudy has explained to me are a part of my lifestyle now, she is one of first people I think of when I have questions around nutrition and want the facts, and I continue to recommend her services to my family and friends!"

what to Expect during your consults...

Once you become a client, during our initial 60 minute session we’ll first discuss your health goals, desires, current habits, and health history. This consultation is to discuss your personal goals and to lay a framework to develop a full nutritional, and lifestyle assessment and strategy.

Next, you’ll receive your personalized wellness plan and eating protocol to address your personal health goals so that you know exactly what to focus on to improve your health and wellbeing.

You’ll receive continued support with our 30 minute follow up coaching calls so that you don’t feel like you’re doing it all alone and have the accountability and motivation you need to carry through your plan and meet your health goals so that you no longer feel stuck.


Stop Feeling Stuck today!

My nutrition coaching programs are designed to set you up for success and to provide a tailored approach to you and your goals.

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"I definitely feel more confident. I feel like I can do it now! The mindset was the one piece I was missing. Once the mindset is down pat, everything else falls into place."


Frequently Asked Questions

A number of extended healthcare benefits and health spending accounts offer registered dietitian and/or nutritionist coverage.
Please check with your insurance provider to see if you have nutritionist coverage as part of your benefits.
Many companies and organizations offer annual health spending accounts to their employees which can be used for nutrition counselling with a nutritionist.

We strongly encourage you to check this information because you just may be covered.
If you have any other questions regarding insurance, please contact us.

Yes payment plans are available.
For both packages, payment plans are available. If finances are a challenge, we always do our best to work with people in this scenario so we can figure out how to get you moving in the right direction!

Once you book your call you’ll receive a confirmation via email and I’ll call you at your selected time.

Here’s a heads up of what your free call will look like.

There are the 3 things we are going to be covering on the call:

  • We’ll get clear what your main goals and desires are right now
  • We’ll discuss on where you’re feeling stuck and obstacles getting in the way
  • If it’s a good fit then we can explore working together. If not, no hard feelings and you’ll at least walk away knowing what to focus on to improve your health.

Are you feeling stuck, unmotivated, frustrated or unclear where to start when it comes to improving your health? Then you may want to consider working with a health coach.

Having a clear idea of what’s necessary to carry out your health goals will help you stay on-track and achieve your health goals faster so that you can move past where you currently are.

For example if you know you need someone to hold you accountable with exercise or eating healthy more consistently you may want to work with a health coach.

Health coaching is NOT a luxury and there is NO shame in asking for help.
As Les Brown said ‘ask for help not because you’re weak but because you want to remain strong’ or maybe in your case get stronger.

Stop Feeling Stuck today!

My nutrition coaching programs are designed to set you up for success and to provide a tailored approach to you and your goals.

Email to inquire about package pricing
Send an email to  —>

You’re in good hands!
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