Trudy Stone is a TV guest health and wellness expert, health educator and motivational speaker and offers realistic strategies to reduce stress, improve health, and dramatically increase productivity. 

Trudy’s energy is infectious and she is sure to engage your attendees with down-to-earth tips, a little bit of humor, and actionable steps they can take immediately. 

She engage executives, managers and teams to improve productivity and happiness by optimizing well-being with nutrition and practical solutions.

Trudy’s workshops are focussed on behaviour change, are research based and look at the science that drives that behaviour so that making healthy changes becomes easier.

If you’re looking for a dynamic, engaging, and refreshing speaker for your event or organization who will engage, inspire and empower people to develop better habits, LET’S TALK!

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Workplace Wellness Nutrition Services

Healthy workers are good for business. When lives are made better, organizations become stronger.

Compared to unhealthy workers, healthy ones have:

  • Lower health care costs
  • Better productivity
  • Better morale

With this in mind, Trudy Stone Nutrition’s workshops use a research driven approach and are designed to deliver concrete skills and habits to help your employees manage stress, achieve work life balance, improve sleep and manage their mental wellbeing with food so that they can avoid burnout and optimize success at work and at home.

Trudy is available for both in virtual and in person gigs.


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How to Turn Stress Into Your Superpower

The World Health Organization has called stress the health epidemic of the 21st century – and that was before the pandemic.

NOBODY is free of stress, but you CAN master the way you react to and R.I.S.E above it, so that it no longer has power over you!

Utilizing the R.I.S.E Method™ t
he audience will be empowered to overcome stress, avoid burnout, improve productivity and enhance mental health with nutrition so that they learn to work WITH stress rather than against it.

How to Become Unbreakable Everyday

We’ve all experienced those impossible to resist food cravings and wonder how we can have more willpower and self discipline. We struggle to make the right food choices but can’t help but reach for unhealthy foods even though we know we shouldn’t.

It IS possible to TAKE CONTROL of your food cravings and eliminate unhealthy eating behaviors so that you can stop relying on caffeine and sugar to keep you going and tackle your to do list. 

In this program Trudy shares actionable strategies on how to pinpoint the triggers that sabotages you healthy eating efforts and how to have more willpower and self-discipline to make healthier food choices. 

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Manage Your Time to Manage Your Health

“Those who think they don’t have time for wellness will sooner or later have to find time for illness” ~ Edward Stanley

Time mastery is life mastery. We’re all too busy for our own good — and our health is suffering. Stressful work days, long hours, and family commitments add to the time and energy challenge. Lack of time management is standing in the way of many leaders living a healthier life. The key to being a healthier leader and overall person is time management and those who use time wisely are rewarded with productive and satisfying lives.

In this program Trudy shares 
a proven technique to achieve more in less time and feel more in control of their life and how to focus their time around their work and health priorities for increased productivity.

5 Benefits of Working with Trudy

Today’s demanding world leaves us overwhelmed, disengaged and at risk for burnout. 
Trudy works closely with event organizers and leaders to ensure her sessions are relevant at both an individual and workplace level. 

  • Reduction in Absenteeism

    Stress, anxiety and depression caused more than half of all work-related sickness absence in the year 2020/21. I'll share strategies on how to ease the load of absenteeism, sick leave, and disability costs while addressing costly health risks ie high blood pressure, and mental health issues.

  • Keep Your Top Talent

    Retain top talent by offering forward- thinking nutrition and wellness initiatives employees will love.

  • Real World Experience

    I don't just talk the talk..I walk the talk. I have years of experience in and outside corporate settings working alongside C-Suite executives.

  • Burnout is Costly for Business

    Boost mental health and employee energy, productivity, resiliency, work-life balance and ability to combat stress.

  • No one walks away empty handed

    Each keynote has a companion worksheet your audience can use to immediately implement what they're taught.

Trudy in Action

With over 12 years of experience in and outside corporate settings, I know first hand the importance of mental and physical health in the workplace combined with a supportive environment.
Catch a quick glimpse of what to expect in my speaker reel!

“Trudy was a captivating and engaging speaker on stress management and healthy habits. She is knowledgeable and her enthusiasm on the topic is apparent. She was easy to understand and presented all the information in a concise manner. She is a great speaker on the topic and maintain the audience’s attention.”


“I attended Trudy’s webinar entitled, “How to Turn Stress into Your Superpower” and my biggest take-away was how to combat stress with anti-inflammatory diet choices. As someone with a chronic health condition, I know that watching my food intake is important for my blood pressure and kidney health, but acknowledging that food can impact my mood and mental wellness is new for me.”


“During our Lunch ‘n’ Learn Trudy was very down to earth, personable, funny and very knowledgeable on healthy food habits. 
My team felt comfortable, engaged in the conversation and left the Lunch ‘n’ Learn with doable strategies and healthy tips.

I’m planning to invite Trudy back for a follow-up.”


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If you’re looking for a dynamic, engaging, and refreshing speaker for your event or organization who will engage, inspire and empower people to develop better habits, LET’S TALK!

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