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Five years ago, I self-hacked my mind and body to lose 30lbs and now I help other women do the same!

Certified Culinary Nutritionist, Brain Health Expert, Podcast Host

You see, I know first-hand about the agony of trying to eat healthier, sifting through BS nutrition tips and trying to losing weight before successfully losing weight.

Now, I’m honoured to be a self published author and to have appeared in the media where I share my weight loss strategies.

I”m passionate about teaching busy women how to develop the right mindset to develop healthy habits to achieve PERMANENT weight loss! 

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The Mind Your Body Show

On  the Mind Your Body Show you’ll learn how to get your mind right so that your body will follow!  Each week you’ll learn nutrition & weight loss habits and how to address the destructive habits and negative self talk that lead to overeating and battles with your weight.

The Mind Your Body Program is
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